How do you keep a child warm in a stroller?

keep a child warm in a stroller

Winter is the perfect time to take your child to plan an ice skating, make a snowman, or play with snow. but as a mom, with a baby, you may not be able to do these activities but you still really want to take your child out to enjoy the winter and snow

Taking a child to walk using a stroller in winter sometimes makes you worry. This is very natural because infants and toddlers are not strong enough to stay at a cold temperature. Infants under two years of old are especially vulnerable to cold temperatures that without proper protection can cause hypothermia and frostbite

In this article, we will show you how to keep my baby warm in winter walking with no worries

How do you keep a child warm in a stroller?

To protect your infant and toddler from a cold stroller you can add an extra base on the stroller, Add an extra layer on your baby, Wear a footmuff, Mitten, Thick sock, and stroller cover to protect your kids from snow and wind

Here is the detailed guide to keeping a child warm in a stroller while winter walking

Add extra base on the stroller

To keep the temperature inside the stroller warm, an extra base is needed to keep your baby comfortable in the stroller. You can add an extra base on the stroller with cotton fabric or a blanket that keeps it warm. Always make sure the base on the stroller is dry and if it gets wet from snow, immediately replace it with a new base.

Wear a snowsuit

A snowsuit is very comfortable to wear in winter and can protect your child from extreme cold weather. Also, using a snowsuit is perfect for toddlers because they can walk and play freely and not just stay in the stroller. If you don’t have a snowsuit for your child, you can use the footmuff for infant and toddler

Wear a footmuff

The footmuff functions as a substitute for a snowsuit if you don’t have one. You can use a footmuff because it can provide maximum protection and usually footmuff is thicker than snowsuits so that your infant is more comfortable when in the stroller. For toddlers, footmuff makes it difficult to move freely and play in the snow. 

it is recommended to choose a footmuff with a waterproof or windproof material so that it perfectly protects from extreme cold weather. The footmuff is only used when using the stroller and cannot use the footmuff when your baby is in the infant car seat.

Wear baby blanket

Baby blankets are one of the essential baby supplies that must you bring everywhere you go in winter to keep your baby warm in the stroller and car seat. make sure to use a baby blanket that has good quality, soft, comfortable, and breathable. You can choose a stylish pattern or personalize blanket to makes you more attractive and confident when taking your child walking in winter

Add an extra layer to your baby

As a mother who is taking kids for the first time in winter using strollers. maybe you are confused about how many layers of clothing are the best? In winter, you should add at least one extra layer to your baby, for example, if your baby is wearing a snowsuit, add an extra blanket to keep warm.

Usually, an infant who is too cold or hot will cry. Therefore Always check if your baby is too cold or hot. If it’s cold, you can add an extra 2 layers or 3 layers of blankets. But if it’s too hot, remove the blanket so your baby more comfortable in the stroller 

Wear a mitten and sock

Toddlers’ hands and feet are very active, so they often come out of the blankets. Wearing a mitten and sock will give maximum protection from cold weather.  Therefore, mittens and socks are needed that can keep their hands and feet warm and avoid frostbite.

The problem with mittens is that they come off easily. you can use a mitten that has straps so they don’t come off easily. If you think that using a strap mitten is dangerous, you can replace it by using socks that are attached to the hands. This will be safer and fit for the baby so it doesn’t come off easily.

Make sure to bring an extra mitten and sock in your bag because you can change it immediately  if it gets wet

Use a stroller cover to block the wind

The stroller cover perfects to block cold air from entering the stroller. This is very effective at keeping the temperature inside the stroller warm

You don’t need to buy a new stroller cover. You can use your old rain cover because the main function of wearing a cover is to block snow and wind from entering the stroller so that it can keep the baby dry and warm.

you should use a rain cover that is fitted to that brand. make sure the cover has good air circulation so your baby can breathe normally

Note: always pay attention to your child’s temperature when they use the footmuff, blanket and extra layer to prevent overheating and difficulty breathing. And don’t leave your child unattended while they’re using the extra layer.

how do I know if my baby is too cold?

If your baby is too cold, they will generally show uncomfortable reactions such as crying.  You can also check feet or hands or his forehead to make sure your baby is warm in the stroller.

if your baby feels too cold you should go to an indoor area that is warm or use extra blankets, mittens, and socks to make your baby stay warm.

It’s not recommended to take your baby outdoors for too long during winter. Don’t spend more than 4 hours outdoors with your baby during winter

Final word

Now you don’t have to worry anymore if you want to take your child for a walk to enjoy the snow in winter.

With a few additional layers of blankets or using a footmuff and a rain cover that can keep your baby warm when using the stroller in winter. Your baby may not be able to ice skating or make a snowman but by keeping your baby warm you can enjoy the winter.

Are you interested to take your baby out using a stroller in winter? Share your experience in the comment section!!


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