How to keep baby dry in rain?

how to keep baby dry in rain

You have planned your outdoor activities with your family at the same time the wheater forecast shows that it will rain today. You cannot cancel the event and the event must continue with your baby with you. Therefore, you need careful preparation so that your baby stays dry if it rains later.

It is very important to make sure the baby is dry and warm when it rains because babies are very susceptible to colds and illness. Here’s how to keep you dry in the rain

How to keep your baby dry in the rain?

Jika anda kehujanan pada saat melakukan aktifitas outdoor dengan membawa bayi sebaiknya anda wear a rain cover for strollers, Wear a baby waterproof jacket and Wear carrier cover to protect baby clothes and supplies.

berikut tips How to keep baby dry in rain

  1. wear a rain cover for strollers

A rain cover is useful for blocking raindrops from entering the stroller. Rain cover that fits with strollers can protect baby 99% and keep baby dry.

You should use a Rain cover that fits with the strollers. Using a universal rain cover sometimes doesn’t fit the stroller so there are gaps that can make water drip that makes your baby wet and cold.

if you have trouble finding a rain cover that perfectly fits your strollers you can use a clear shower curtain. Some parents use a clear shower curtain with a clip to replace the rain cover, this is effective at preventing water from getting inside the stroller. The shower curtain is also very compact and easier to store.

To get maximum protection you can combine a rain cover with a waterproof jacket, especially in heavy rain

  1. Wear a baby waterproof jacket

Using a waterproof jacket on a baby is very important, especially if the rain cover you have does not completely block water from entering the stroller. With a waterproof jacket, your baby will stay dry even if some water drips onto the stroller.

If you don’t have a waterproof jacket you can also use a waterproof footmuff if you are using the stroller to make your baby dry and warm.

Of course, it’s not only your baby who wears a waterproof jacket, you also have to wear it. Remember you’re the first person that has to stay fit so you can take care of your kids

  1. Wear carrier cover

if the baby is not wearing a waterproof jacket and the rain cover cannot fully protect it is very important to use a gear cover that can protect baby supplies to keep them dry so after the rain stops and your kids’ clothes are wet you can immediately replace them with new ones

Another alternative if you don’t bring a gear cover is to put baby supplies under the waterproof jacket you are using to keep it dry

Note: if you don’t bring a rain cover, baby waterproof jacket, and gear cover, always pay attention to the weather condition around you. If it starts to get shady and cloudy, look for the nearest shelter before rains.

How if my baby got wet after rain in the stroller?

If it’s raining heavily before you’ve got all the gear you need the best things to do is to find a shelter and change your baby’s clothes as soon as possible. And if the strollers get wet put a plastic layer on the stroller to keep your baby dry. You can wait for the rain to stop or wearing all equipment needed like a rain cover and waterproof jacket to continue your activities in rainy condition

When you get home you can bath your baby in warm water and change his clothes immediately

Make sure your baby stays dry and warm when it rains and don’t let your baby wear wet clothes to avoid your baby from getting sicks

Final verdict

Remember to always check the weather forecast if you are doing outdoor activities, especially during the rainy season. preparation is most important to deal with rain, without preparation you won’t be able to get through it by staying dry.

Don’t force yourself in heavy rain to stay in your activity. Look for a safe place to rest and don’t force to bring a stroller when lightning strikes because it can be very dangerous for you and your baby

by using a rain cover and a waterproof jacket, you can always keep your baby dry and avoid  your baby from getting sicks

Share your interesting experience when carrying a stroller in the rain with your baby on the comments column, I will really appreciate it!!



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