How to Keep Baby Cool in the Stroller

How to Keep Baby Cool in the Stroller

Summer is the best time to traveling with your family. You can go with your kids to the beach or to Disneyland using a stroller, but sometimes the weather is so hot that makes you worry your kids will get sunburnt.

Morning sunlight is good for a baby to get vitamin D, but during the day it is very dangerous to expose children to sunlight or UV rays that can burn their skin.

There are several effective ways you can keep your baby cool in the stroller during summer. you and your little one can travel in the summer without worrying about getting sunburnt

Here’s an effective way to keep your stroller cool in summer

How to Keep Your Child Cool in the Stroller

The best time to take your child for a stroll in a stroller is in the morning and evening to avoid the sunburnt. It is dangerous for a baby exposed to direct sunlight from 10 am to 2 pm without any protection. If possible avoid using a stroller at these hours but when you on your vacation, it is impossible to avoid the scorching sun.

Here are some effective ways to keep baby cool and comfortable in the hot sun

1. Use summer ray shade stroller cover

Almost all strollers have a canopy to protect the child from the sun. But the canopy on the stroller does not provide full protection from UV rays. therefore additional protection is needed. The summer ray shade stroller cover is very effective at blocking direct UV rays from entering and burning your child’s skin and keeping the stroller comfy.

Ray shade stroller cover can protect your child up to 99 percent from harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This is important because sunburn containing UVA and UVB can increase the risk of developing skin cancer in the future.

The summer ray shade stroller cover is made of lightweight material that makes it easy to carry anywhere and breathable which can make a good air circulation so that your baby can breathe normally.

Don’t think about using a blanket to cover the stroller in the summer. Usually, most parents put a blanket on top of the stroller to provide shade. This is very dangerous because the temperature inside the stroller will increase and make your child feel like in the oven. In addition, using a blanket is bad for air circulation in the stroller and makes it difficult for your kids to breathe.

2. Wear light clothes

When traveling with a baby in the summer, don’t overdress your baby because it can cause overheating, sweat excessively, and heat rash. On the other hand, baby dresses with light, loose cotton clothes that cover their arms and legs from the sun are great clothes.

It’s better to use bright clothes and don’t wear dark clothes because dark color can absorb heat which can make the temperature in the stroller become hotter than usual

You can also use a hat on your baby to keep out the hot sun.

Additional tips: to prevent baby’s skin from being burned by the sun. When you are on vacation at the beach, use chemical-free suncream for infants and toddlers.

3. Keep your baby hydrated

Extreme heat conditions make children sweat more and need more fluids. Lack of fluids can be dangerous for babies if you have an infant and toddler, in hot summer it is better to increase the intensity of giving breast milk or formula and sufficient water when traveling.

To know your baby is dehydrated or can see by how much the diaper is wet and if the urine color is dark and smells stronger it means your child needs fluids.

4. User a stroller seat liner

The liner not only useful to make your baby stroller warm in winter but also suitable for keeping the baby cool in the stroller during summer while you traveling

The main function of the liner is to absorb sweat so as to keep the stroller dry and prevent overheating and keep the baby cool and comfortable while in the stroller.

One of the advantages of seat liners is a cool design, fast, and easy to install on a stroller or car seat so it is very suitable to be carried when traveling in the summer. Some stroller liners can be filled with gel to keep the baby cool.

5. Use a stroller fan

A stroller fan is one of the right choices to dissipate heat in the stroller. Most stroller pens are operated on a rechargeable battery. The stroller fan has a clip that can be attached to the stroller frame easily.

One of the advantages of using a stroller fan is that it is very easy to operate and you only need to attach it to the stroller.

6. Use D.I.Y Stroller cooler

If you don’t have a stroller fan or a summer ray shade stroller cover, don’t worry, you can still make your own cooler with a few tools and creativity.

You can use a cold or frozen bottle wrapped in a towel and attached to the left and right sides of the stroller.

In addition to using the bottle trick above, you can also use a cold wet towel to wipe your child’s sweat when walking in a stroller

How hot is too hot for a baby in a stroller?

If you have a baby who is under 1 year old and can’t talk, here’s how to recognize If your baby is overheated

  1. Skin is dry 
  2. The face is flushed and red
  3. Less wet diapers than usual
  4. Baby refuses to drink
  5. Looks weak and lethargic

If your baby is overheated make sure to find a shady place and give your baby some breast milk or formula milk. If the condition is more severe, seek medical advice from a pediatrician.

Final word

Those are the various ways that you can use to keep your baby cool in the summer when you travel using a stroller.

Remember Never to use a blanket to shade your child’s stroller because the air inside will be very hot like in an oven. And also the blanket is not breathable, it can prevent air from flowing smoothly and cause shortness.

Make sure your child has enough fluids and not dehydrated. If the weather is too hot and you don’t bring a ray shade cover or umbrella, go to a shady place.

Share your experience when traveling in hot summer using a stroller in the comments column



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