How to get rid of old stroller?

how to get rid old stroller

If you plan to have more than one baby, you should consider saving your old pushchair for the next baby. Make sure you store it properly and the stroller is in clean and good condition, if there is any part that is broken, fix it immediately before you store it.

By saving an old pushchair you save your money and you can use it to buy other important items. If you don’t have plans to have another baby in the few years, of course, you should get rid of it to make your house more spacious

To get rid of the stroller. Bellow here the perfect ways that will save your room space and still save you money. So how exactly can you get rid of strollers?

Sell your old stroller

Selling an old stroller is a great option if you have no plans to have children in the near future. You not only save space in your home but also earn extra money.

You can sell your stroller online by visiting Craigslist, eBay, Telegram, or Facebook groups. Just make an account, take a photo of your stroller and fill in the details of the condition of your stroller. If you are lucky, your stroller will be sold out in less than a week

If your stroller is still in good condition, when you are in luck you half price of new price

Give it to your friend and family

If your stroller is in good condition, it is a brilliant idea to give your stroller to your family or friends who need it more. You only need to post a photo on Instagram/ Facebook or WhatsApp status that you will give your stroller for free

This way you help them and someday you will also need their help.

Make sure to check all the conditions of the stroller. If there is minor damage to the stroller, be sure to fix it before you give it to your relative

Donate your stroller to charity

If you don’t have friends or family who need a stroller and you don’t want to sell it but want to

share it. donating to people who need it more is the right choice.

Not everyone has enough money to buy a stroller. And there are lots of kids out there who need a stroller more. Therefore by donating you will feel happier because you have helped others

To donate a stroller is very easy. You just need to check the nearby local charity center where you can donate your stroller.
Once again. Do not donate a damaged stroller. Make sure your stroller is working properly before you donate it

Go To Exchange Event

This event is very rare and usually only happens once a year. At the Trade-in event, you can exchange your old stroller and other baby gear with a discount for your next purchase

For example, Target, in collaboration with Waste Management recently held a trade-in event for baby supplies in exchange for coupons

Recycle your stroller

If your stroller is in a very serious condition and it is impossible to repair it properly. If possible, it is much better to recycle your stroller than just throw it away in this way you are contributing to help save the environment.

Find a recycling center in your area and ask if they can recycle strollers. This is very important, because not all recycling places accept strollers and infant car seats. And usually, you pay a small amount of money for the recycling process



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