How to donate stroller?

Donate stroller

As your baby grows and can walk on his own, you will rarely use a stroller. And if you don’t have any plans to have children in the near future it will make your old stroller unused, fill your room space, and will gradually break down by itself.

If your stroller is in good condition you can sell it or donate it to someone who needs it more. There are many donation places that are accepting donations of strollers, bassinet, baby crib, and other baby equipment.

In this article I will show you how to donate a stroller easily

How to donate a stroller?

Before donating your stroller or any baby gear, be sure to ask your family or relatives who need it more. If none of them need your stroller you can donate it to other people. To donate your stroller you can visit the nearest donation center in your city or call donation organizations or services and they will pick up your stroller.

Make sure the stroller you want to donate is in good condition and suitable for use. If there is minor damage try to fix it before donating

Where to donate a stroller?

1. Donate at donationtown

If you are busy and do not have time to visit the nearest donation center you can contact Donationtown.

You just need to visit the website, enter the ZIP code, your details, and the preferred pickup time. The best thing that I love from donationtown it is the Free pickup charge

In addition to the baby stroller, you can also donate unused toys, bassinet, baby crib, and other baby equipment except for infant car seats.

By donating unused baby equipment, you can make your home more spacious

2. Use goLoadup to help you find the nearest donation center

Another alternative is to use a load up service which is a disposal company that donates and recycles your old stroller

If your stroller is in good condition they will find the nearest donation center and donate the stroller on your behalf whereas if your stroller is in a bad condition they will recycle it.

The good news is they also accept car seats for disposal. we know that most donation centers won’t accept infant car seats. So maybe you should consider disposing of it.

If you want to use a goloadup service you can visit the website and schedule a pick-up time. they will come to your place to take the stroller. But it is not free, you should pay for pickup fee and disposal fee 

3. Find a nearby local donation center

Visiting a local donation center sometimes costs more time because you have to bring your stroller to the place but the advantage is that you know that you are giving it to the right person and you are sure it will be useful.

If you are still don’t know how to find the nearest donation center, you only need to search on Google with the keyword “donate stroller + your City” it will works!!

4. Find it on local community group

If you have a local community Facebook or telegram group you can ask in the group Does anyone need a stroller?

if you’ve found someone that needs a stroller, you can make an appointment to give it directly to the people who need it most in the community.

Make sure to give it to the right person. If you give it to the wrong person, he will sell it again

Can I donate a car seat?

Almost all donation centers do not accept car seats because they have an expiration date and are not safe especially if you have been involved in an accident

Infant car seats have a lifespan of 8 years before they expire. If you have a car seat that is in good condition and has only been used for less than 3 years, you should ask your relative or family if they need it

If you have an unused car seat and the condition is not good, it is better to use a goloadup service to dispose of your car seat to make your home more spacious

Final word

If you have an unused stroller that is in good condition then consider donating it!

By donating an old stroller that you have, it will give you enough space for your home and you will also help people who need it more. Share your experience in donating a stroller in the comments column



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