Does stroller expire? Is it ok to buy used stroller?

Is stroller expired

The stroller is a basic need for those of you who have babies. However, if you have limited money and want to save on other expenses, you might ask

Is the stroller expired?

Unlike infant car seats, strollers do not expire but they are aging and become old fashioned. There is nothing wrong with a used stroller that is over 3 years old. What matters most is not the age of the stroller but how often the stroller is used and how good the condition. And if the stroller is unused, how the previous owner stored the stroller that makes a difference between good and badly used strollers.

In this article, I will show you comprehensively Why baby strollers do not expire? Is it a good idea to buy a used stroller? How to find the best one

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Why baby stroller not expired?

Most manufacturers confirm that strollers do not expire, they can be damaged due to lack of maintenance such as rust, mold but will not expire. Even if the stroller is tearing and has a broken wheel it will not make your child sick. you can still repair a broken stroller and use it for a long period of time.

You can find expiration dates on food and drinks that are meant to keep people safe. Not only food and drinks but also baby gear like a car seat has an expiration date that aims for safety and health reason. If you use something that is expired, it would be dangerous and giving a negative effect on the safety and health of your child.

Most strollers are made of metal, plastic, and fabric that can last up to 3 years or more. With frequent use and lack of maintenance metal can rust, plastic can crumble, and fabric can become thin and torn. This process doesn’t happen overnight and with proper care and normal use, your average stroller will last for years.

Is it okay to buy a used stroller?

Since the stroller is not expired. So, it’s really worth considering buying a used stroller. With a bit old fashion and fewer features compared to the new stroller, it is still a great choice to buy a used stroller to save more money and spend it on more important things.

Choose a stroller that is still in good condition. You can tell the difference very easily. A good stroller has the characteristics.

  • No Damage
  • Fabric not fading and clean
  • no rust on stroller frame
  • Wheel in good condition and easy to maneuver.
  • Not a recall item

A used stroller that meets the above criteria is very worth buying. Do not buy a used stroller that has very bad conditions such as moldy fabric that is hard to clean, stuck wheels that makes you have to deal to fix it, and rusty frames that often found in the used stroller.

It is okay to buy a stroller that is more than 5 years old. I once found someone who sold a 6-year-old stroller but only used it 2-3 times. So, it is still like new. If you find a stroller like that. Just buy it!!

The downside of buying an old stroller.

Even at an affordable price, you might feel less satisfied than buying a new stroller that is of better quality, lightweight, and has many features. That is natural!

Before buying a used stroller, you should know some of the Disadvantages of buying a used stroller:

  • old fashioned design
  • looks unattractive.
  • for older models would be hard to find a spare part if broken

But if you are concerned with the main function, which is to help your mobility while outdoors to bring your baby, then a used stroller would be ok.

Where to buy a used stroller?

Ada berbagai macam cara yang dapat anda lakukan untuk membeli stroller bekas:

  • Buy from your family or relatives.
  • Buy from an online marketplaceĀ 
  • Ask in an online group community.
  • Directly visit the flea market.

1. Buy from your family or relatives

Buying a used stroller is better through friends or family, the reason is simple, because you know their habits and how they treat their stroller. But usually, relatives or friends offer strollers when you don’t need them, and vice versa, when you need a used stroller, none wants to sell the strollers they have

2. Buy from an online marketplace

If your relatives and family do not sell their old stroller. The most common way is to buy a used stroller online by visiting e-bay, Craiglist, and other marketplaces. This method is very easy and if you are lucky, you can get a branded used stroller like a bugaboo or an Uppababy stroller for half the price of a new one and in very good condition.

The downside of this method is you cannot see and try it indirectly. Only descriptions and photos are your reference for making buying decisions.

3. Buy from online group or forums

Alternatively, you can search on telegram and Facebook groups in your local community and ask if anyone wants to sell their stroller? If there is any, you can make an appointment with the stroller owner and directly come to check it.

4. Buy directly to the flea market

If in your city there is a flea market that sells used strollers, it is worth your visit. You may be able to get a stroller that has very good quality at a reasonable price.

We recommend that you do a test before making sure to buy it. Do a walk test with your baby and feel whether the performance is still good and worth buying.

Final word

The stroller doesn’t expire, If you choose to save your money, it is very appropriate to buy a used stroller. Choose carefully and try before you buy.

If you are lucky, you will get a used stroller that has only been used a few times and is in very good condition for half the price of the new one. Share your experience when buying your first used stroller in the comment section!


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