what color stroller should I get? The in-depth guide!!

best stroller color

Buying a stroller is an investment that needs to be well considered. Starting by choosing the right features, brands, and colors so that you can use your stroller comfortably and more confidently.

The color of the pushchair does not affect performance. But choosing the right color can make a big difference. I Bet that you often do not feel confident when wearing clothes that do not match your personality.

the stroller works the same way, by choosing the right color, it will make you more confident when you take your baby to walk using the stroller.

After you know the features, you need on the stroller and choose a brand, it is time to choose the perfect color. Here are things you need to consider choosing What color is best for a stroller?

Gender color: Choose the neutral one!!

Babies and toddlers do not have a problem using any stroller color. But have you ever imagined carrying a pink stroller with a baby boy inside the stroller? Of course, other people When they greet you, they will think that you are carrying a baby girl. This will upset you and explain time to time again to others that you are carrying a baby boy.

Most of us associate Pink with feminism while blue usually represents masculinity. So, if you do not want other people to misunderstand, then choose a color stroller that suits your baby.

If you do not want to deal with gender sensitivity. You can choose a neutral color on the stroller. This is usually used on unisex strollers, besides if you are pregnant and do not know the gender of your child, you should choose a neutral stroller color such as: brown, gray, black, white, green, orange.

Color Practicality: Choose bright for Attention catching!

Everyone has different needs. Some use the stroller only occasionally and want to be the center of attention, and some use it every day. Choose the color of the stroller according to your needs.

If you want to be the center of attention. Choose a bright stroller color that can make you stand out and attractive. Choose Color Such as white, yellow, red or pink.

The advantages of using a stroller with bright colors are very easy for you to know where your stroller is if you put it somewhere. Like when you use your stroller at Disneyland and park it, when there are many strollers parked in the same place, brightly colored strollers are easier to find.

Besides bright colors, you can choose a stroller with dark colors such as black and brown. However, black is not very comfortable when used in the summer. Because even though it has a canopy, the black fabric still absorbs heat. So that it makes the stroller hot and makes your baby uncomfortable when wearing a dark stroller.

I recommend using a black stroller in winter or spring. If you still want to wear it in the summer, be sure to wear additional protection to protect your child from being comfortable in the stroller.

Stain’s Friendliness: Black would be your good friend!

The reason black is the favorite color and best seller on all baby products including strollers is because they are stained friendly.

Newborns are always thrown up food, water, and pee everywhere while toddlers often explore their surroundings, so it is natural for them to fall apart, and spill drinks and food that makes strollers get stained easily.

The bright colors on the stroller give the impression of luxury and elegance but choosing a bright color on the stroller is a disaster. Because once you bring your baby with a bright stroller that would be very dirty and need to be cleaned. So, it is very troublesome to use a bright colored stroller such as white, pink, cream.

That is a great choice to choose a dark-colored stroller such as black, brown, dark gray.

Your Own Taste: Choose your favorite color!!

The black color is very boring and not elegant. While a brightly colored stroller is not your style.

Choosing the color that you like the most is a smart choice because that way you will love your stroller and make you more confident when taking your child to use the stroller.

In the end, all the pushchairs will get dirty, all you need to do is clean it often and do not be lazy!!

You can choose a favorite color combination such as a black and blue combination or a stroller that has a unique pattern so you can be happier when taking your baby using this stroller.


Do black strollers get hot?

Yes. As I mentioned before, the black color cannot reflect light and it will absorb light so that it makes your child’s stroller hotter. To minimize heat, choose a fabric material that does not absorb heat such as wool. To make strollers more comfortable in hot summer, use a canopy and additional protection such as a sunshade cover to protect your child from the hot sun.

Does the Color of the Stroller Have Any Effect On The Baby?

The color of the pushchair is a parent’s preference because newborns cannot distinguish colors. Newborns are more fascinated with the black-and-white pattern. When they are over four months old they can detect primary colors like red and green followed by blue and yellow.

Final word

Remember. Color is only a supporting factor when you decide to buy a new stroller. Always prioritize features with your needs. Choosing a color that suits you but does not have the features you need will only make it rarely used and become a home display that fills your room space.

I prefer to use a combination of black and blue because I think it is very elegant. Everyone has different needs on their stroller. The best advice is to know what you really love and your needs before choosing and buying a stroller.

If you are the type of person who is lazy, you should choose a dark stroller color. On the other hand, if you like to be the center of attention and have no problem cleaning the stroller more often, then choose a color that can make you the center of attention, such as elegant white and pink.

So, what color do you prefer? Share your choice in the comment section, I will be happy to hear it!




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